Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Light for the Lost (LFTL) is a men’s ministries initiation, administered by National Men’s Ministries but fulfilled by the church as a whole. Through the generous giving of churches, individuals and businesses, LFTL is assisting missionaries and missions projects around the world with evangelistic resources to share a message of hope.

LFTL serves to “empower the church to provide God’s Word for every person on the planet.” Providing a variety of resources such as audio, visual and printed materials, LFTL has one guiding principle: all Light For The Lost assistance must be to provide resources directly related to evangelism.

US missionaries use this literature to reach those who do not know Christ. This literature is used in prisons, state universities, college, rodeos, truck stops, bikers, in the inner city, in Teen Challenge and new church evangelism.

Foreign missionaries us this literature in over 140 countries with door-to-door evangelism, crusade outreaches, evangelism correspondence courses, and other outreach projects.

LFTL sends every penny of every dollar given for evangelism literature to missionaries to reach the spiritually lost. This is possible because LFTL councilmen give at least $15.00 per month to underwrite the administrative costs of the National LFTL office.

John 4:35 says, “Look at the fields...they are ripe for harvest.” LFTL provided resources are multiplying and empowering the efforts of missionaries in communicating the story of Jesus to a ‘ripe field of people’. Are you ready to make an eternal impact?

Contribute today with a special gift and/or sign-up to give on a monthly basis through our Councilman program. Councilman are individuals that contribute monthly and receive a special newsletter once-a-month sharing testimonies and stories of what their contributions are doing. 

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