Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mission and Values

Recognizing the synergistic mandates of the Great Commandment (love God first and then our neighbors as ourselves, Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (make disciples everywhere, Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 28:16-20), the Ohio Ministry Network of ministers and ministry leaders seeks to develop and resource fellow Spirit-filled leaders across Ohio so we can all be part of heaven’s plan to see the life-giving Church of Jesus Christ strengthened and multiplied. 

Partnering with the Assemblies of God nationally and internationally, as well as the greater Body of Christ in
Ohio, it is our collective desire to accomplish these goals as expressed in the following Mission, Values, and Initiatives:

Our Mission

The Mission of the Ohio Ministry Network is building up one another.

Our Values

Servanthood Leadership
Cultural Relevance

Our Initiatives

To resource pastors, ministers, and church leaders for effective ministry.
To relationally network ministry leaders for encouragement and development.
To credential those who we recognize have the call of God to full-time ministry.
To be strategically intentional about the scheduling of network events.
To sponsor leadership forums and ministry events for ministers and churches that pertain to health and development.