Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Church is God's idea. 

It is His mechanism for spreading His love and the Good News of Jesus Christ!

The Ohio Ministry Network is strong and vibrant when the big "C" Church is strong, and when individual churches are as healthy as they can be.  That's why we are committed to planting as many healthy new works as we can all over Ohio.  And that's why we love to help our existing churches, their pastors, and their leaders through a variety of powerful resources, coaching, and networking. 

  • Church Affiliation - If you are an independent congregation looking for enhanced connections and accountability with other churches and the added blessing of state, national, and international resources, you will want to check out the flexible levels of Church Partnership and/or Affiliation.
  • Church Multiplication - We exist to be a catalyst to a culture of intentional church multiplication throughout Ohio—every church parenting churches or partnering in the process.  Whether you are one church that wants to start another, an individual called to lead a new work, or a group of pastors ready to reach an unreached segment of your community, we want to partner with you in God-sized dreams.

  • Church Development -  Building up one another is a matter of focus! Our focus determines our destination!  The Church Development Department desires to assist pastors, churches, and local ministry leaders in obtaining and clarifying their focus!  As we focus on the Lord, His principles, and His purpose, He will build His kingdom by helping us build up one another!
  • Find an Ohio Church - If you or your family are looking for a church in your part of Ohio, pastors and church leaders in more than 250 congregations all over the state are ready to welcome you in the love of Christ.

  • Find a U.S. Church - If you are in transition from Ohio to another state or would like to get information on a church outside the Ohio Ministry Network, our national directory can steer you in the right direction.